​We are a small LICENSED breeding kennel here in the state of Ohio since 1996, 

We are not a glamorous, fast paced, glittery, look at me, send me the money, I mail you the dog kind of web site. We invest our time in caring for all of our Fur members, not flaunting our web page! 

There are many web sites and ads for puppies from individuals, or business that are NOT a Licensed Breeder or even a Licensed business. In fact, they are not even the Breeder at all, they are the broker, dealer or basically the "middle man". 

We first started raising puppies in 1992 after purchasing three Chihuahua members. We became so interested in these little critters and how much joy they had given us, we decided to share the joy and began raising a few litters. 
Presently, we raise a variety of puppies including our famous Maltipoo, Shipoo, Yorkiepoo, Morkie, and Shichon puppies. (We realized not everyone wants a Chihuahua, so we began giving families more of a variety to choose from). 

We raise our own puppies and "YES" we have the parents to them. We do not sell to pet stores nor do we broker our puppies. We do not "meet" potential fur families, we prefer you to come to our home and see where and how your new fur addition is raised.

Meet Ms. Shonda.  She is the breeder, owner and operator of our kennel. As well as the web master, photographer and primary care giver to our fur kids.

I watch over four humans (two little ones and two big ones). The big ones think they’re in charge, but it’s the little ones that get my tail in a wagging frenzy.

Meet Miss Amber.  She is the one whom socializes, grooms, bathes and cares for our beautiful Fur Kids!   She does a fantastic job getting them ready for their new homes!

Welcome to our


Sometimes being man’s best friend is a ruff gig. Training and caring for my humans is an arduous but rewarding process.

Together these two do an amazing job raising healthy, happy, and good quality fur kids for all to love and enjoy!.

If my humans manage to stray from me, please give them a call. I can’t leave them to their own devices for long!