*We are CASH ONLY!!*





10 weeks old

2nd Vaccinations, dewormings, and revolution for the fleas, ticks, earmites

Adult estimated weight: 9-11 lbs

Non-Shedding, hypoallergenic



Our puppies, and their mom's and dads ARE A PART OF OUR FAMILY and we spend much time with them. ​Meet some of our Mom and Dads! 

Welcome to our Nursery!! This is where we are born and raised until it is time for mom to start the weaning process to get us ready for our new fur families!! Air conditioned, heated, with lots of toys and a great indoor play area for rainy, cold days!! And a super outdoor play area for warm, sunny days. We even have a swimming pool!! 

Please note these puppies are not for sale.

To make an appointment to meet the puppies:
Call 513-503-7114 or
Email: Toypupsohio@gmail.com




8.5 weeks old

1st Vaccinations, dewormings, and revolution for the fleas, ticks, earmites

Adult estimated weight: 9-11lbs

Non-Shedding, hypoallergenic


*Welcome! Every puppy comes with a written health guarantee and a puppy kit which includes a collar, a sample of food, toys, treats and many other goodies!* 

Ple​ase Respect Our "Rules To Remember" When Visiting 

If you make an appointment with us, please be on time. We may have other appointments that day, we want to spend time with everyone and do not want someone else taking the puppy you were coming to look at . If you are running late, cannot keep the appointment, please be considerate and notify us.  

 Please do not schedule with us unless ALL family members involved in choosing the puppy can be present, or if you are the final decision maker. Since we have numerous families visit us, many are disappointed that someone else bought the fur kid they were interested in, before they could gather everyone together to visit him/or her.

Do not schedule an appointment with us to find out if you or a family member have allergies. We are not a "test" facility, as we do have dogs on the premises that are NOT non-shedding and hypo-allergenic and WILL trigger allergies...

If you have been "puppy shopping" during the same day, please schedule for a different day to visit us. Many viruses and diseases, including the new "Dog Flu" can be transferred via human contact, shoes, hands, hair clothing, etc.. Our parents and puppies are kept from exposure unless Visitors potentionally bring it when they come to meet them. We want to keep our fur kids healthy for their new families.

We welcome your children to visit with you, but please refrain from allowing them to pick up the fur kids or enter the play area without prior consent, children can innocently injure the fur kids. Advice them to quietly engage in activity with them, they can get startled by loud, unknown noises and movements.

 Please do not ask to enter the "nursery". We will absolutely not chance exposure to newborn babies. As well, we have mother's nursing their babies. They are protective of their young and can cause injury to them if they get nervous or upset when strangers are present. They, like human mother's prefer privacy while nursing.

Our visiting hours are Monday-Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm with a scheduled appointment only. Reminder, this is our home, please respect our family time.. Our appointment times are scheduled for 45 minutes per visit and we will gladly show you up to four puppies per appointment. 

Please keep in mind that the pictures of the puppies are "close up" for better viewing, they are always smaller in person.. WE DO NOT PLACE OUR FUR KIDS under 8 weeks of age, so please be patient. 

We do only first generation breedings. That means all of our parents are of full breeds that are registered with AKC, CKC, UKC and ACA. This ensures less congenital problems arising in their off-spring.  If you feel you need to see the parents, visit Our Doggies page, as we do not transport them back and forth from our nursery and kennel. Keep in mind that none of our puppies will look like mother nor father, they are a mixture of both. They will each have their own unique look.

All of our puppies are well socialized, and pretty much love everyone. The ones stating "Adult home preferred" are going to be small, and a bit more fragile for younger children to be handling. Children can be rough with tiny puppies, causing injury to them. If indeed you are wanting a smaller dog as an adult, I would suggest rendering a deposit, and waiting additional weeks to pick him or her up. 

We give all puppies an "estimated weight". 
That is an adult expected weight. Proper diet, exercise, spaying/neutering and overall health care can contribute to the adult weight. Our estimates are based on parent weights, and past litter weights. We CAN NOT guarantee the actual size of a puppy when full grown.