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Rules to remember when visiting

If you make an appointment with us, please be on time.  We may have many appointments that day, and we want to spend time with everyone.  If you are running late or cannot keep the appointment, please be considerate and notify us.

If you have been "puppy shopping" prior to your visit, please schedule for another day.  Many viruses and diseases can be transferred via human contact with other unvaccinated puppies.  We want to keep our fur kids healthy for their new families.

We welcome your children to visit with you, but please refrain from allowing them to pick up the fur kids or enter the play area without prior consent.  Children can innocently injure the fur kids.

Please do not ask to enter the "nursery".  We may have mother's nursing their babies.  They are protective of their young and can cause injury to them if they get nervous or upset when strangers are present.  As well, we do not want to expose unvaccinated litters to potential health risks such as viral or baterial conditions.

Our visiting hours are Monday-Sunday from 11 am to 8 pm with a scheduled appointment only.

Keep in mind that the pictures of the puppies are close up for better viewing.  WE DO NOT SELL OUR FUR KIDS AT 6 or 7  WEEKS of age, they must be at least 8 weeks or older. 

We do only first generation breedings.  That means all our parents are of registered full breeds.  Ensuring less congenital problems arising in their off spring..

All of our "fur kids" come with a puppy gift bag with their familiar toys (ball, chewies, stuffies), a personalized letter to their new family, hand sanitizer, puppy food sample and brochure, puppy care guide, health record, paw container for treats, and a sample of the NuVet vitamin! 

All of our puppies are well socialized, and pretty much love everyone.  The ones stating "Adult home preferred" are going to be small, and a bit more fragile for younger children to be handling.  Children can be rough with tiny puppies, causing injury to them.  If indeed you are wanting a smaller dog as an adult, I would suggest rendering a deposit, and waiting additional weeks to pick him or her up.



8 weeks
1st vaccinations
Esimated weight 11-13 lbs




(Maltese-toy poodle)
9 weeks
1st vaccinations
Non shedding-hypoallergenic
Estimated weight 9-11 lbs



Designer Breed Names
Shiapoo, Shipoo, Shihpoo= Shihtzu and toy poodle
Maltipoo, Multipoo, Maltepoo= Maltese and toy poodle
Yorkipoo, Yorkiepoo= Yorkshire Terrier and toy poodle
Morkie= Maltese and Yorkshire Terrrier
Shorkie= Shihtzu and Yorkshire Terrier
Chorkie= Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier
Malshi= Maltese and Shihtzu
Cockapoo= Cocker Spaniel and toy poodle
Puggle= Pug and beagle
Bichonapoo, Bichon-a-poo= Bichon Frise and poodle
Shnoodle=Schnauzer and poodle
Peekapoo= Pekignese and poodle
Yorkignese= Yorkie and Pekignese


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